Quality Provision – Providers

Training is developed both nationally to support consistency in the quality of early years education and locally to meet the training needs of all Practitioners.

Our quality workshops encompass a variety of topics:

  • Developing Curriculum
  • Planning & Assessing
  • Developing Indoor & Outdoor Environments,
  • Nurturing Interactions
  • Policy Development
  • Leadership in practice.


Síolta Aistear & the Practice Guide – An Introduction – Focuses on introducing Síolta, Aistear and the Practice Guide. It will support practitioners to understand the difference between the frameworks and how they are supported by tools in the practice guide.

The Practice Guide Introductory Workshop -focuses on the content, structure and key messages from Aistear Síolta Practice Guide, including the concept of emergent and an inquiry-based curriculum.

Síolta Awareness Raising Workshops (SAW)– these comprise of four workshops (see table below) each focusing on a set of connected Síolta standards. The workshops raise awareness and understanding of individual Síolta standards and how they connect with Aistear and the practice guide.

Síolta Awareness Workshops

SAW 1:
Standard 1: Rights of the Child
Standard 3: Parents and Families
Standard 4: Consultation
Standard 5: Interactions

SAW 2:
Standard 2: Environments
Standard 6: Play
Standard 7:Curriculum

SAW 3:
Standard 13: Transitions
Standard 14: Identity & Belonging
Standard 16: Community Involvement

SAW 4:
Standard 4: Consultation
Standard 8: Planning & Evaluation
Standard 9: Health & Welfare
Standard 10: Organisation
Standard 11:Professional Practice
Standard 12: Communication
Standard 15: Legislation & Regulation

For more information on Síolta go to- http://siolta.ie/index.php

Download the Síolta manual 2017: http://siolta.ie/media/pdfs/siolta-manual-2017.pdf

For more information on Aistear;

Download the Aistear manual: http://www.ncca.biz/Aistear/pdfs/PrinciplesThemes_ENG/PrinciplesThemes_ENG.pdf

For more information on the Aistear Síolta practice guide go to: http://www.aistearsiolta.ie/en/

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